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Xu shusen attended the brics industrial and commercial BBS


On September 3, solstice4-4, the brics industrial and commercial bank of China, as a key supporting event of brics leaders meeting, was held in xiamen. The BBS has set up four topics including "trade and investment, financial cooperation and development, connectivity and blue economy". Chinese President xi jinping attended the opening ceremony and delivered a titled "the brics cooperation to jointly create a second" of "golden decade" of the keynote speech China nonferrous group, deputy party secretary, discipline inspection commission secretary Xu Shusen attended the brics business BBS as a representative of the entrepreneur.

During the BBS, vice secretary of Xu Shusen attended the fujian province people's government at the meeting, a small scale with Li Dejin, vice secretary of xiamen municipal party committee, vice governor of fujian province Chen Qiuxiong non-ferrous metal research institute, China national salt industry corporation and Beijing etc. Carried on the thorough exchange, head of state to attend. Xu Shusen deputy secretary also at stake in BBS, before wang hong, general manager of travel to xiamen docking units designated by the state-owned assets supervision and administration of xiamen international holding group co., LTD., and xiamen Fu Jianhong, deputy director of the state-owned assets supervision and administration of xiamen international trade Du Shaohua Guo Congming, general manager, deputy general manager, xiamen international investment enterprise cinda corporation OuYangZhe, general manager, deputy general manager jiang feng held friendly talks, and reached broad consensus.

The business community is a major force in the economic development of brics countries. In recent years, China nonferrous group has actively responded to the national call to integrate its development into brics cooperation and has made a positive contribution to the brics economic partnership. Among them, China nonferrous group is relying on the sino-color shares, China's 15 metallurgical and other investment enterprises, and the contracts of major projects contracted in Russia and India exceed us $2 billion. The diamond tools of guilin mine have been successfully penetrated into Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa. The pharmaceutical products of the company tialing pharmaceutical are exported to Russia and South Africa. Funded enterprises at the international trade, set up in South Africa at the international trade co., LTD., South Africa, actively carry out international trade, logistics, minerals development and contracting, engineering consulting, overseas key projects for China nonferrous group provides a mechanical and electrical products, spare parts procurement and logistics, customs clearance, warehousing and other related supporting services.