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Chinalco bid co. Ltd. in Beijing


On September 6, the opening ceremony of the chinalco bidding limited company was held in Beijing. Ge honglin, party secretary of chinalco and chairman of the party group of chinalco, the deputy secretary of the party group of chinalco and the general manager of the company, yu dehui, together to open the tender for chinalco. Zhang cheng zhong, member of the party group of chinalco and vice general manager of the company, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. He zhihui, the general manager of chinalco and chairman of chinalco international engineering co., LTD., presided over the opening ceremony. The leadership of the aluminum corporation of chinalco, the leadership of chinalco international engineering co., LTD. And more than 100 employees attended the ceremony.

Zhang chengzhong warmly congratulated chinalco on its establishment. He pointed out that it is not only the requirements of inspection group and the supervisory board, but also an important decision of the party group of chinalco. The party group of chinalco has put forward the overall plan of "one service platform, two levels of management decision and three supervision management" for the construction of the bidding management system. At present, the headquarters of chinalco has established the tender management oversight committee, established the office of the bidding management supervision office, and formed the inspector general group. The establishment of chinalco tendering co., ltd. further improved the bidding management system, and will play an important role in integrating the internal resources of the company and giving full play to the advantages of centralized management.

For the future operation and development of chinalco, zhang chengzhong hopes to build a sunlight-purchasing platform that will be "open, fair and just" for chinalco. In accordance with the relevant regulations of the state laws and regulations and the tendering management of chinalco, the regulations shall be regulated to carry out bidding work, and realize the process of informationization and digitization of the whole process of bidding, and eliminate the management loopholes. Second, we must constantly strengthen our own construction and improve our business capacity. To build a high-level, high-quality professional team; We should cultivate and build the core competitiveness of enterprises in the same type of mature enterprises with market demand. Third, we should actively explore the operation mode to adapt to the external market competition. We should actively develop new business areas, become the new profit growth point of the company, and strive to develop into a first-class domestic engineering consulting service enterprise within three years.

Learned, chinalco tendering co., LTD., by conducting internal and external the procuratorial tender business, will give full play to the advantages of centralized control is beneficial to integration of internal resources, regulating the behavior of companies bidding, plug up loopholes in management, not only conforms to the interests of the whole company also helps to external markets to develop. The establishment of chinalco's bidding limited company marks a solid step towards standardization, standardization and institutionalization of chinalco's engineering construction. To implement the bidding process for project construction and optimize the resources of the company will greatly improve the quality of project construction and improve economic and social benefits.