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Create a green "all aluminum house"


In Beijing in early September, it is the cold season of early autumn.

In the lobby of the chalco headquarters in xizhimen, a beautiful "house" attracted many people's views. The surface of the house looks the same as a normal house, but it is actually a new all-aluminum house that is assembled by chinalco's southwest aluminium decoration engineering co. These surfaces are hard to see that the aluminum products of aluminum are real, the color is even, the appearance is beautiful, the main structure connection is tight and reliable, the cabinet door is light, the seam is even.

In addition to learning, chairman of the New Year's greeting named "China's eye", tiangong no.2 in dungeons, shenzhou 11 "big guy" provide key aluminum alloy material, now, southwest aluminum products has entered innumberable families. The research and application of all aluminum household products, while quietly changing the quality of life of ordinary people, also help enterprises to move forward in the innovation practice of accelerating aluminum application promotion.

"At present, aluminum steel and aluminum are the trend of the trend, intelligent will and light quantification, the development prospect is very beautiful. As the core enterprise of chinalco and the leading enterprise of China's aluminum processing industry, the products not only have to be 'the sky', but also 'land'. We should grasp the trend, actively expand the application of aluminum, and lead the consumption trend with all-round innovation. Chinalco's party secretary, chairman of the board of directors GeGongLin aluminum technology innovation conference in southwest chinalco high hopes on southwest aluminum, inspires the southwest aluminum in the aluminum on the promotion of the application of new breakthrough.

To a high starting point

In April this year, following the successfully developed aluminum tray products, to promote "by aluminum and wood" links in the southwest to r&d again full aluminium household products, expand the application of aluminum in chinalco in bear again.

In recent years, the whole aluminum household products gradually emerge, becoming the future home market gradually replaces the artificial plate and the wooden household. Compared with other materials, all aluminum household zero 酫, no pollution, recycled, with light weight, waterproof performance is high, the refractory performance is strong, good antibacterial properties, little deformation, low resource consumption, and many other advantages, truly realize the green upgrade of traditional household.

"Such as the number of liaoning ships used is the whole aluminum household products, it not only can reduce the weight of the warship, and moistureproof and anticorrosive function in Marine environment is wooden household products." Southwest aluminum decoration co., LTD. The green environmental protection of all aluminum household products is in line with the concept of green development of the country, and "aluminum generation" is the trend of the trend.

The market cake is there, but to cut it, or to cut it more, depends on the strength.

"Aluminum production of aluminum in southwest aluminum products, must represent the level of the aluminum company, must reflect the lightweight characteristics of aluminum, must give consideration to the aesthetic feeling." Scientific research on the demand and development trend of the whole aluminum home market, and ge honglin has secured a clear product positioning for southwest aluminum.

After receiving r&d tasks of southwest aluminum decoration company opened a "high-speed operation" mode, the wholly-owned subsidiaries of southwest aluminum is the first batch of national ministry of construction as the construction curtain wall "double a" enterprises, in the same industry took the lead through the ISO9001 quality system, ISO14001 environment system, ISO18001 occupational health and safety system, has won eight "luban prize" and "national construction decoration award" and other awards, good qualification of industry in the lead. The company developed and widely used in the high-end hotel, office building and other construction area products fully demonstrated its ability to the aluminum plate intensive processing.

It is bound to take more effort to cut the competitive "big cake" of all aluminum. However, the whole aluminum home market, which is still in the market and the breakthrough stage of r&d, has already been well established.

Where is the r&d going?

"Only stick to shift from user driven to innovation driving guide, adhere to a high starting point, high speed, people have my new, new I am fine, don't miss the opportunity of market to give final run-off market." The southwest aluminum leadership team has a clear understanding of this.

The guide outreach

"Our competitiveness must be reflected in the design thinking and the process of surface treatment." After the feasibility study of the market positioning, market capacity, design idea and operation mode of the home decoration market and all aluminum household products, southwest aluminum leadership team has a bottom.

"Whole aluminum household products currently on the market most USES is thermal transfer technology, surface treatment and printed wood grain is through a certain temperature, will show the transfer printing with professional equipment in aluminum alloy surface, thus achieve abundant wood grain aluminum alloy surface, but the surface is not real wood or stone. Although having similar appearance, but the difference of tactile sense of tactility, in special the place that has the corner is changed, produce the pattern misplacement, still can affect aesthetic feeling." Design general Guo Yemin emphasizes, from more than 200 national production of all aluminum household enterprises, only in the design and optimization of surface treatment process, selection of material, only do fine wood products rather than raw material products, will have a way out.

But in the shortest time to complete product research and development, southwest aluminum decoration company faces a series of problems. According to the established design idea, replacing the transfer technology with the compound technology, the optimized product of the surface treatment process will surely achieve better results. "Relative to the transfer printing technology, the use of composite technology, the aluminum alloy plate by means of physical connection and any soft material (such as cloth, wood, chip, chip ceramic, stone of fire prevention board, silica gel, etc.) for flexible composite together, can guarantee the product in life will not happen in the process of using layer, foaming, hydrolysis, not resistant to high temperature, and other issues." "From research and development, we have been doing technology tracking," says cheok.

High starting point often means high difficulty. No composite link agent, equipment, the lack of traditional CNC machining center can not finish the ultra wide materials processing, a series of problems like blocks up roadblocks in front, research and development of the hardships of the road is clear.

To solve these problems, to achieve full aluminium in the field of household innovation drive led, chinalco southwest aluminum decoration company breakthrough thinking of mechanism of system obstacles, bold to emancipate the mind, positioning itself in the market, focus on "outreach". On the one hand, guided technicians from the inside to innovate on product research and development ideas and r&d programs; On the other hand, give full play to the decoration company in led technology and market advantages, in the case, it does not increase equipment bold combined advantages of "going out" enterprises, the use of their research and development of manufacturing equipment, sites, borrow wisdom from implementation.

On the map

In outreach, chinalco southwest aluminum decoration company quickly finalize design idea and development plan, and immediately set about to subsequent profile factory try to open mold, mold, manufacturing, product research and development in high-speed propulsion.

But the development is far from imagination of simple: at the beginning of research and development, wood and aluminum plate after the compound by physical connection, wood surface will have bubbles, the edge will have to fly the phenomenon of skin, the previous production for a few batch of material all ended in failure.

The reason? Bold technical personnel after several test and verification, finally draw a conclusion: all the surface treatment of aluminum household requirement is very strict, to the environment of high temperature humidity air cleanliness requirements, wood and aluminum compound should be carried out under the environment of constant temperature and humidity, or wood veneer will blister, edge will fly skin, the fixed not firm. And chongqing's hot and humid climate environment is a big "hard injury" to the surface treatment process.

After finding the crux of the problem, the aluminum decoration company in southwest China immediately set out to improve the environment of the plant and set up a closed constant temperature and humidity workshop to solve this problem. At the same time, in order to ensure product quality, decoration company from materials such as wood material, design, functionality, practicality, personalized design and so on each link meticulously, strive to provide customers with more valuable high-end full aluminium household products.

May 13, chongqing xipeng, chinalco southwest aluminum decoration company's large courtyard is lively and extraordinary. From April to start the whole aluminum household products research and development, over a month and a half, adornment company developed the first full aluminium children room out formally and approved chinalco party secretary, chairman of the board of directors GeGongLin on-site assessment.

"It is not possible to fix the curtain wall and the decoration industry, to give full play to the qualifications, to jump out of the west peng, to look around the world, to expand the application of aluminum to make a difference." In southwest fully approved chinalco decoration company full aluminium market positioning, design thinking of home products, in the face of the company conference room of the building industry in the walls testimonials, GeGongLin encourage southwest decoration company to accelerate the full aluminium household products research and development process, take full aluminium in the field of household.

Today, an all-aluminum house in the lobby of chinalco's headquarters is attracting increasing attention. Whole aluminum housing is chinalco southwest aluminum push to expand the application of aluminum a real achievement, chinalco is southwest aluminum adhere to the concept of green development, promote reform of the supply side, the epitome of accelerating transformation spanning development. From sea to land and from land to space, chinalco southwest aluminum production of high quality new aluminium alloy materials has been in the aerospace, ship, rail transport, automobile and other fields is widely used, southwest aluminum in the aluminum to speed up the application of innovative practice is solid.

Future, chinalco southwest aluminum will always be the first driving force of the development of the science and technology innovation as the leading, constantly breakthroughs in key technologies, resolutely safeguard the country in aerospace, national defense material demand at the same time, to speed up the pace of lightweight aluminum and application promotion, close to the market, guide consumption, promote enterprise do best and stronger.