About us

Tianjin weimu prestressed machinery co., LTD., founded in 2005, is located in tianjin xiqing district jingwuyangxiong town industrial park, clean and neat, is specializing in the production of VM series anchor fixture and reserved channel with the professional manufacturer of all kinds of corrugated pipe.

Company existing staff 100 people, including college degree or above accounted for one-third of the company, the company technical force is abundant, has one batch of prestressed anchorage, for many years engaged in machinery and equipment design, manufacture, use, maintenance and other professional and technical personnel and team, exquisite technical safeguard mechanism and the ability to undertake various production and construction of prestressed.

Company production capacity of more than 300, annual output value of more than one thousand five hundred ten thousand yuan, the main products are "VM" brand anchorage (VM15 VM13 VM18 anchorage system) fixture and mining cable anchor (, KM18 KM15-1860-1860, and KM22 bolt KM19-1860-1860), all kinds of tension, pushing, lifting jack, oil pump and all kinds of prestressed engineering with corrugated pipe, etc., safe and reliable. Is widely applied in all kinds of prestressed concrete structure, steel structure, in railways, roads, Bridges, high-rise buildings, water and electricity engineering, mining, sewage treatment plant, such as slope management, box culvert jacking engineering, the company operates in all parts of the country and overseas areas, established a good reputation, created the brilliant engineering performance, has won widespread praise customers.

During the development of our company, we have used our products in many key projects at home and abroad. Have medium TianJinTuan mooring new bridge engineering, coastal avenue south phase ii project of China railway 10 bureau group, jinan Olympic sports center, Shanghai huaxia bank building engineering, XingHeng high-speed east xingtai section, binhai road, chongqing powder room bay, Yangtze river bridge, cross the bridge in chongqing, sichuan, shanxi, tianjin jin ji Yang wing highway expressway, tianjin port, tianjin expressway, shanxi too good highway, highway XinFu line, and surging gallery highway, TieShiBaJu group sets of dredging port highway, highway 112 line in tianjin, jilin matsubara extra-large bridge, pacify highway in gansu province, the period of project, heilongjiang Ming shen highway, marina DE highway in shandong, shandong Qingdao Olympic expressway, tianjin expressway east, pond on the highway, Inner Mongolia bare toward the highway, jinan west railway station, Beijing south railway station reconstruction project, tianjin tanggu new Christian church project, tianjin jin hui square south tower engineering, tianjin international financial centre project, not even the groove of the mine coal preparation plant project of Inner Mongolia, the figure tower railway coal fast-loading, shaanxi xi 'an fifth sewage treatment plant engineering, xi 'an fourth sewage treatment plant engineering contributions to national key construction projects, over the years, the user generally reflect the product performance is stable, safe and reliable.

My company's products from the production, inspection to the service in strict accordance with ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification, the requirements for management and production by the relevant national authority inspection department of the technical performance indicators are in line with the GB/T14370-2007 "the prestressed reinforcement with anchor, fixtures and connectors" application of the strict requirements of technical specification.

To achieve win-win and sharing; Our company follows the principle and tenet of good faith and development, and keeps good cooperative relationship with customers.

Tianjin weim prestress machinery co., LTD. Sincerely hopes to be with all walks of life. All the construction units in China contribute to the foundation construction of our country and create brilliance hand in hand.